Saturday, May 12, 2007

Finished Spring Semester

It is official. I am done teaching for the Spring semester. Well sort of. I have to hand in grades May 14, 2007. Then I am officially done for the semester. Wow, this has been an interesting semester.

I am constantly looking for ways to improve my education course. I love teaching. I also learn that all students are totally unique, literally. I have not met anyone who is the same from the time I began teaching. It is really interesting. I can honestly say since I have been teaching, that each class is different. You never end up with the same type of students, which is cool. That is what makes the world a cool place, full of diverse ideas.

I am honored to be teaching a course this summer, twice a week. After taking a course in social justice in education, I have decided to change the course somewhat. I want to socialize the issues, meaning make them more personal, and less statistical or numerical. We need that human touch, that human feeling.

Maybe, just maybe, we will then be inspired to do something.

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