Saturday, May 5, 2007

There is hope for humanity, after all...

About one week ago, my son and I left the supermarket with our cart full of groceries and put them in our car. My son and I walked to return our cart to the cart area, when we observed an older gentleman was reorganizing the carts into neater rows. I stood there, unsure if he was a supermarket employee, such as a manager because he was professionally dressed. He turned around and looked at me, and saying "It's alright. You may leave your cart here. I will get it."

I told him that is OK. Then, I asked him, "Do you work here?" He replied no. I then looked at him still confused. He told me that he wants to do something nice for people. "These messy carts may hurt people or damage cars," he told me. "Why do we always have to be careless or in a hurry? We should take the time and think of others." I looked at him, and I said, "True, imagine if we all did one thing from the goodness of our hearts? This would be a perfect world, wouldn't it?" He nodded and replied, "Yes, a perfect world."

The gentleman was finishing stacking the carts. He then looked at my son, and told him "Listen to your parents, young man." He then told us, "Have a good day." I replied, "You, too."

I was touched by this man's intentions and actions. I even got goose bumps! Not many people would take the time to do something for strangers and not get major publicity for doing it. I truly felt the world a place of goodness. I honestly felt good. I thought to myself, "There is hope for humanity, after all..."

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