Thursday, June 19, 2008

Walking Everyday

Walking everyday is not only physically healthy for you, but also mentally and spiritually healthy. While your leg muscles get exercised, so does your mind because you have time to reflect about your life and your environment.

You begin to see the beauty of nature. You become more aware of the intricate details that make up your environment. You can't help yourself, but think about how you blend with your environment. It is a great time to reflect and contemplate.

Walking everyday is a form of discipline that you will eventually feel the benefits.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Back to Basic Cable

My spouse and I were discussing about what to do with our television programming when the bill reached $120 per month. We don't watch much television, and we both agreed we don't want our son to watch too much either.

So, my spouse called the cable company and told them he was going to discontinue the cable. They both agreed to basic cable with a discount. We still don't watch that much television anyways. The only channel we now turn to is PBS Kids for my son. That is it.

Since we have done that, which has been about one week so far, it feels better. Not only did we save money, we are not wasting our brains. We are not being influenced by pop culture. My son will not be exposed to sexual or racial innuendos at an early age.

My son has played more creatively with his toys, spent time with us, and is now more into books. He has become more creative and inquisitive. He has even learned to ride his bike without training wheels at the age of four. Our son has even been a bit calmer.

I am not saying television is a total waste, but it can be if you let it be. Besides what is a better way for your child or spouse to spend their time with--you or the television?

This is awesome!