Monday, February 19, 2007

Time is a gift

While we are constantly working, or constantly busy filling up our time. Don't forget the most important thing on Earth after yourself. Your family. Step away from your schedule with activities that can wait, and spend time playing ball with your kids, or conversing with your spouse. Those are moments that will be preserved forever in the minds of your family members. Time is a gift that can never be replaced. When you are on your death bed, reflecting your life, what will you wish you had done? Probably spent more time around those you love. Don't wait till that happens. If you cannot give up those activities that fill your time, at least include them in those activities. For example, when I used to work for a local newspaper, I would take one of my siblings, on a photo shoot. We would converse going to that location, and returning home. My sibling got to experience what I go through. It felt really good.

Time is one thing that keeps going, and never stops. Time was here before us, with us, and will continue after us. Think before you use your time. Take advantage out of it. Get the most from your time. You will be glad you did.

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