Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Poverty Awareness Should Be Everyday, not Just Today

I am all for days of promoting special topics, holidays, and interests, however, I do feel certain topics should not just have a special day, it should be everyday especially if it concerns humanity, like poverty does.
In the blogging world, bloggers are posting about poverty in honor of Blog Action Day. Just Google and you will find many posts written about poverty from different perspectives and different view points.

I am going to list a bunch of questions for you to think and reflect about. Some may be painful, some may not be.
  • Is your neighbor hungry while you eat?
  • Did you buy your child's 20th toy within the couple of months?
  • Did you just throw some food away because you didn't feel like dealing with leftovers?
  • Did you buy yourself a top of the line sports car while your brother suffers in debt which were not to his doing?
  • Did you throw gently used clothing in the garbage?
  • Did you throw recyclable items in the trash?
  • Did you insult person of lesser wealth today?
  • Did you smile at a passing stranger?
  • Did you thank your cashier today?
  • Did you thank your teacher today?
  • How about your mom and dad?
  • Did you volunteer? You know give back to your community?
Study your own life. There ways to improve. Poverty can happen to anyone, so it is best to be humble and not arrogant because what comes around can go around.

Remember those who are in need.

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