Thursday, March 13, 2008

Don't Buy Cold Medicines for Young Children

Yesterday, I took my son to the doctor because he had his cough off and on for the past few weeks. It would get better, stop, and then resume again. The doctor checked him out, and said, "Your son has allergies because it is turning into spring. The snow is releasing mold and soon-pollen in the air."

I then told my son's pediatrician that I had given him a cold-cough medicine, but I had seen it on the shelves again at one of our stores, and asked the pharmacist about it, which she had said it was ok now to give to young children.

The doctor told me it is not ok. Pediatricians around the country have submitted about 800 studies and reports to the government showing that cough medicines do not benefit young children.

The pharmaceutical companies want to keep certain cold-cough medicines because it is profitable.

So my recommendation to Parents is this: Consult your child's doctor before going out and purchasing cold-cough medicines for your children. I would hate for you to lose your money with something that doesn't really help your children at all.

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