Monday, March 17, 2008

Benefits of WII

Normally, I wouldn't blog about video games or systems, but I honestly found something different about Wii.

I don't know much about the Wii. I do know it is hard to get in some areas because of its great prices.

Let me tell you why, I like Wii. It all started on Sunday, March 16, 2008. We were invited to come over to my parents' home for brunch. We had heard about my brother buying the Wii Saturday. We went for brunch and to see the Wii.

I saw my brother relaxing on the couch when I asked him to hook up the Wii because my son would like to try it. (At the time I really meant my son).

He hooked it up, and it turned out that my spouse, son, brother and myself played bowling using the Wii as a motion. You literally had to "bowl". Depending how fast you "bowled", depending how fast the bowling ball hit the pins. There are even other sports you can play as well. There is tennis, golf, boxing, batting, bowling, and physical training.

This is a great item to get for families from the grandchildren to the grandparents. It is perfect for ages 3-over 100. Here you are spending time with each other. You are encouraging each other to achieve the goal of the support. There is even laughter involved as you observe the player's responses and reactions. You even begin to talk about those sports and can see how much your family may enjoy something you never realized.

Physically, Wii is a GREAT workout for all players because in some of the sports, you literally had to move the Wii control with force as if the hit or throw was literally real. Depending on how much you play with the Wii, you can become physically tired--as if you worked out. There is even a brief message on Wii to take a break before playing another game.


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Angelique said...

I am a huge fan of our Wii. Even traditional video games like Mario Galaxy are more interactive on the Wii, allowing two players to play at once and work together. RockBand is also a ton of fun if you have wanna be musicians in your family. I can't wait to acquire a WiiFit, an accessory that allows you to use your Wii like a personal trainer.

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