Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Special circumstances

I apologize for not posting yesterday. I have had special circumstances that I could not post. However, I am hoping that this circumstance will improve, so everything could be the same or even better.

During this time right now, family has come together. Unfortunately, we don't always come together during non circumstances times. There are some I haven't seen in a couple of years except for the past two days.

Family is a vital thing in society and is strongly needed to help each other through trying times. Yet, family should be there in good times as well. How many people in this world to not know their family? Immediate or Extended? If people had strong family units, society would have less problems because people would be held accountable by their family members.

People say yes, but friends can do the same. Not always because it depends on your meaning of friends. Even most religions emphasize the family thing. If you already have a strong family unit, good for you. Keep it up. If you have a weak family unit, try to strengthen it. If you don't have a family unit, try to build it.


KadidiaTerri said...

I've never been very close to my eldest brother. We used to hang in the same circles and be into the same kinds of things. We used to work for the same agency in fact. But in my mid twenties I started going into a different direction and my new lifestyle made me even further from him than we already were because of the gap in our ages (10 years). I wondered how we could possibly have come from the same womb.

Funny, now that i have moved to the opposite side of the globe, we have had some of the deepest most meaningful chats on the internet. This is what it took to get us to communicate on a more substantial level. I'm glad it didn't take a tragedy to do it instead.

FA said...

Good for you because you guys are communicating.

This is awesome!