Monday, June 11, 2007

Monday Surprise: Conversing with a police officer unexpectedly

Community helpers include, but are not limited to police officers, firefighters, and mail carriers. At least that is what young children learn. Many young children are afraid of police officers and firefighters, although they have nothing to worry about.

Today, my son and I went to city hall, which houses the police station as well. While we were waiting for our appointment, a female police officer walks out and greets my son and I. I said to my son, "She is our friend and is a good person." I explained to the officer that my son is afraid of them. She shook hands with my son, and began telling him in a kind manner that police officers and firefighters are friends. She gave him stickers, a charity bracelet, and a teddy bear that needed a home.

She then asked my son, if he would like a tour of the station. We went on a brief tour. My son became comfortable after a while, and started asking her questions. I was real pleased with the outcome, and I thanked her for her efforts. I am planning to mail a thank you note to the police station.

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