Saturday, June 2, 2007

Some people still have a long way to go...

Overall, in my opinion, the U.S. has made big time progress for people with disabilities. The U.S. is not perfect yet. I mean there are faults and weaknesses that need to be fixed and strengthened. I have seen some people treat people with disabilities not with much respect.

We need to educate more people about people with disabilities. People with disabilities are human just like most of us. They have many talents, dreams, and skills to offer towards humanity. If you don't know much about disabilities, read. Talk to someone. Attend meetings and workshops.

Educate yourself. Then share what you learned with someone else. You will be glad you did.

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Melissa R. Garrett said...

Hi! Thank you for participating in the Word of the Day on my writing blog, The Silver Tongue. I can't seem to find the post in which you used the word machinate, though, so I was hoping you might point me in the right direction.


Melissa R. Garrett

This is awesome!