Friday, February 2, 2007

Who am I? I am a Human.

Since I challenged you to think about who you are, I will give you a bit of who I am. I am a human that believes ALL HUMANS have inalienable rights regardless of ethnic or gender origin.

When I see man, woman, or child get hurt, I get hurt. When I see man, woman, or child succeed, I succeed.

I, also, believe that Life is ONE HUGE Classroom. I believe that Life has so many things to teach us, but many of its students (humans) don't take the time to study. If they all did, we would have a better understanding of cultural diversities.

I see with my brain, but listen with my heart.


Fancidots said...

Wonderful descriptive terms of "who you are".

I would like to contribute to that, with my elaboration on a similar vein.

I am HUMAN. It is my innate obligation to attempt to understand the other humans who inhabit our planet.

It is also my obligation to respect and honor not only other humans, but the earth and it's animals, as well.

We were given a priviledge, in being able to express ourselves in voice and the written word.

Our minds and our souls should reach out to every living being, and rejoyce in their existence, as well as our own.

FA said...

Thank you for replying, fancidots. I totally agree with you about respecting and honoring the earth and animals. By understanding ourselves, we will understand our responsibilities towards the earth and it's animals. Visit again!

N.A. said...

"Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth."

FA said...

That is an interesting quote, a Muhammad Ali quote.

ss said...

~Very nice comments~

This is awesome!