Monday, February 5, 2007

Ourselves vs. The Others

To begin the journey of trying to understand life, I say that we need to understand ourselves first, and then understand others. We need to understand why our local environment (family, home, town, society we live in, etc.) is the way it is.

By understanding our local environment, then we are able to study nationally, and then globally. We are all puzzle pieces that link to each other.

So, I recommend that you start by knowing your family history. Know what you can. After that, learn about your birth town/residence. It is important to understand what the town expects of you and from you. Then you want to study your region (state, province, etc.). You will be surprised to see similarities and differences in your region. Once you have reached the level of understanding, move on getting to know your nation. That is were many similarities and differences are like your state, but on a larger scale. Finally, once you know your own nation, then it is time to study global issues.

Your experiences, starting with yourself to your nation, will lead you to have an open mind or at least the willingness to learn about others and their lives.

Of course all of this will not happen over night. It is a long process and an evolving process.


N.A. said...

Some people don't even get passed knowing their family. I don't know if we can ever get passed knowing ourselves?
Maybe we're not supposed to ever really know ourselves to that extent.

FA said...

Don't you think it is an evolving process of getting to know yourself?

I feel by knowing who you are or becoming, you will be able to better understand those around you, "the others".

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ss said...

~Life changes and sometimes people change from so many reasons. They change I think because it is an evolving process of understanding him/herself and then the others.~

FA said...

I think it is necessary to change when life changes because by not changing with life, then loses connection with themselves and others.

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This is awesome!