Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Let the debates begin!

Starting tomorrow and for a couple of more weeks, my students and I will be discussing stereotypes of minorities. It should be really interesting because many students do not like to talk about this in a formal setting, like an institution. I always manage to have a healthy debate on these issues. I want students to know that it is important NOT to ignore sensitive or controversial issues, but instead engage in a healthy, yet democratic discussion/debate.

First we will discuss gender issues, what are they and some stereotypes, etc, followed by race and ethnic issues, and multiculturalism education.

So for now, adios, ciao, stay tuned, shalom, salaam, aurevoir.


Sallilou said...

Hope the students learn well, and you may want to hit on age as well. I am fortunate enough to work for a company that realizes older workers come with experience at the important things- showing up, doing a days work for a days pay, and getting along with coworkers- no matter how different they are from you. Diversity makes the workplace healthy. Found you on the Curves site. Sally

FA said...

Thanks for stopping by. I, too, think that age is one of the issues faced by males and females of different races and ethncities. Thanks for stopping by! Visit again.

This is awesome!