Thursday, February 22, 2007

Roles of males and females

We didn't finish our lecture on gender today, due to a piece of technology not working properly. I wanted to show a video to end the lecture, followed by a discussion of the video. That didn't happen because the speakers were not working. In the mean time, I need to call the service people to repair that before next class period--Thursday.

Basically, we discussed what are genders and the stereotypes of genders. The class really enjoyed it. There some good discussions on if physical job standards should be lowered for females to enter certain fields of work, for example soldiers, firefighters, and police officers, to name a few. Majority of my female and a male students said no. Standards shouldn't be lowered for physical demanding work. If a female is qualified, then she is more than like to enter those types of careers.

I also asked them, who would your rather work with? Men or women? Majority of them said men, a couple of them said mixed, none of my students said women. I was surprised by that. I asked them why not? Some of female students replied women tend to be more emotional, gossip, and dramatic. *You think?* I explained to the class those were a form of stereotypes.
To be fair, I, personally, have worked with some awesome female and male colleagues. I personally find that both men and women have some personal issues at work. I do plan to discuss age issues in the workforce, I believe that is important because we are living longer and some of us are even staying longer in the workforce.

I do plan to finish this lecture next week. Then we will be discussing other race issues.

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