Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Kind acts do exist

Good old fashioned neighborly acts still exist today. It was observed that a young, male adult used his snow blower to clean up his parents' driveway, then their neighbor's driveway, and cleaned up sidewalks that ran along with four homes. No one had asked him to do this, his mother said. He just did it from the goodness of his heart, for humanity.

It is awesome when a kind human does some random act of kindness. Way to go. There is still good in this world.


Chet said...

HI! Thank you for visiting my blog, I seen your message on my message board. Would you mind if I added your blog to my favorite blogs? Sorry I wasn't on line when you was there. I like what you have to say. Will be back later to read more.

FA said...

Hello, you may add my blog to your favorite blogs. I will do the same.

This is awesome!