Wednesday, February 28, 2007

By the way, what DOES an American mean?

The other day, I was conversing with some friends on issues facing the U.S. and other parts of the world. I know what a broad topic. Well, one thing that came up was the fact that you could travel around the world observing different cultures. However, the U.S. remained unique because what exactly defines an American?

A friend of mine pointed out that if you visit Sweden, majority share the same Swedish culture by being Swedish citizens. If you go to Italy, you see majority Italians or people that have embraced the Italian culture. However, when you think American (U.S.--not Canada or Mexico, or South America), what comes to your mind? Diversity. In America, you will see people who have different cultures and are living those cultures. Examples include Chinatown, Greek town, Little Italy, etc. You can visit those places in the U.S. It is common for many Americans to eat Italian or Chinese food any day.

So a friend of mine said that is exactly what makes the U.S., a culture full of diversity. The friend continued to say, an American is a Chinese, Spanish, Italian, Arab, Greek, etc. Americans are diverse with diverse needs.

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