Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Is it me or are a lot of people beginning to become overweight? Seriously. Every where I go, I notice that men and women are becoming bigger in all directions. I know our lives have become more sedentary and that a person has to seek exercise, however, we need to be reminded that it is not natural for our bodies become this heavy.

So, why not incorporate walking into your schedule if you already are not doing that. For example, this morning, my son and I walked to school. It took us about 15 minutes one way. I walked back on my own again. I have included nearly 30 minutes of exercise this morning. Not only, was I exercising my body, I also became more aware of my surroundings while I was walking. I had to time to observe and time to think.

When we take time for ourselves, not only do families and ourselves benefit, even the environment benefits because you are using less gas for instance.

So, did you walk today?

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