Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Things That Make You Go Hmmm...

Despite the way some people act with each other, I still believe in humanity. We just have to work harder in being an ideal population.

Just thought I would share with you some interesting things that we have to work on to strengthen humanity. These are true events that happened in a small town.

Event 1:

I was recently invited for coffee and cake at a friend's home, when all of us were telling the hostess which neighbors we knew in her neighborhood. I and several others mentioned that we had sent donations of food to one of her neighbor's across the street. Another friend mentioned the neighbor's name. Our hostess said that she did not know that family because they had moved about four months ago. Needless to say, our hostess felt a little embarrassed not knowing that her own neighbor was in need of assistance.

Lesson learned (I am sure you can learn more): Get to know your neighbors. Visit them, especially when they first move to the neighborhood.

Event 2:

Due to schedule conflicts, I finally had the chance to meet with a friend. Her son and mine are friends since preschool days. I took with me one bag of candies and another bag of chocolates since it was awhile when I last socialized with my friend. I visited with my friend while our sons played for 2.5 hours, and not once did my friend offer something to drink or eat. She didn't even offer my son a drink of water, after he came in from playing outside sweating. He asked for it. My friend also opened the bag of chocolates and ate one in front of me, not offering any.

My friend's family has money. They travel the world. They have expensive tastes. To me there is a difference of being frugal and cheap. This is really cheap.

Now the point is not eating or drinking, but hospitality. What happened to being hospitable? Are the days of entertaining guests formally or casually die? Is it the norm to expect not to be offered things when you attend gatherings?

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