Thursday, June 19, 2008

Walking Everyday

Walking everyday is not only physically healthy for you, but also mentally and spiritually healthy. While your leg muscles get exercised, so does your mind because you have time to reflect about your life and your environment.

You begin to see the beauty of nature. You become more aware of the intricate details that make up your environment. You can't help yourself, but think about how you blend with your environment. It is a great time to reflect and contemplate.

Walking everyday is a form of discipline that you will eventually feel the benefits.


Marvelousmemphismama said...

I am convinced that a daily dose of a good brisk walk and reading a good book relieve the daily pressures and keep my physical and mental pot from boiling over or burning out. I have always been physically active, however, battling and so far winning a breast cancer battle has caused an appreciation and need to be physically healthy as well nurture my mind and spirit. Thanks to my husband, who pushes me out the door, even when I protest, walking is the pressure relief value, the physical pick-me-up and clears the cobwebs from my mind. Thanks to friends, like Renee, who recently gave me Jill Lublin's book "get noticed...get referrals" I have mind matter to contemplate. Thinking about following my passion, being completely open and present in my conversation with others and most of all making time for "me" is like walking for the mind. Physical and mental exercise take conscious self-discipline and require me to take those first steps and follow through with action on a regular basis. Thanks for inspiring me to acknowledge and affirm my need to take care of myself. By the way, you can find Jill's Get Noticed … Get Referrals. It is already a bestseller on Barnes&, and she is giving away thousands of dollars of free gifts’ on her special website: You even get a chance to attend her Crash Course in Publicity as her guest.

FA said...

Thank you so much for sharing your story. Truly inspirational.

I agree making time for yourself "is like walking for the mind." You need that time to learn and grow as a human who is part of humanity.

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This is awesome!