Wednesday, December 26, 2007

This is for the List Lovers

I know many people enjoy making lists, so when I came across this website filled with lists, I thought wow, everything is covered on the Internet. The website is called which is currently in Beta.

This website encourages visitors to sign up and create all sorts of lists. You can find a list on just about any topic. They have a section for the newest lists, featured lists and the top rated lists. You can even search a list by clicking on a tag, or typing in a keyword. Anyone can read lists, but to create or edit a list you must sign up to have an account. You can also leave comments on lists that interest you.

There is also a Frequently Ask Questions sections, if you would like more information on this website. It is free to join and become a lister. So, if you are a list lover, is the place for you.

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