Tuesday, August 28, 2007

My Fall Semester Begins

It is time for me again--to teach my kids. That is what I call my college students. I am probably only a few years older than some of them, some are even a few years older than me. But I affectionately call my students "my kids." I don't know why, maybe because I enjoy what I do?

I always try to start on a positive note because students are people. People have lives filled with problems, solutions, emotions, you name it. I don't believe my class should be a burden to their lives, but a benefit. That is why I base my class about them. So that they can think about themselves and everyone else. Reflection on one's life is extremely important to grow as a person.

Not all students welcome my theories or opinions because they feel it is not the traditional teaching in a university setting. However, by the end of the semester, those once reluctant students say my course has been one of the best courses they have taken.

Sometimes, people are afraid of something new, until they give it a try! I will keep you posted after Wednesday's night's class.

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