Friday, July 20, 2007

You can make a difference

The other day in class (I am teaching an education course at a local university this summer), a student tells me that she has started volunteering at the local homeless shelter because of my class.

Let me explain a bit, one of the assignments I sign is called "New Event". Students have to try something out of their comfort zone, something totally new--outside of their daily life. After completing that event, they have to write a reflection of that experience and their thoughts.

Many students have told me that this assignment has made them think or become more aware of themselves and their actions. Back to the above student, she told me that has been volunteering since she completed this assignment. I asked her how did she start volunteering. She told me, that she went to the homeless shelter, and spent time with some of the children. They touched her heart. She spoke with the assistant director, and scheduled regular volunteer dates. She has never done this sort of thing before. She said she feels really good about what she is doing, and this has broken stereotypes for her.

I told her that I was very proud of her, and good for her to help make a positive change.

Another student commented that she had been thinking about what we had talked about in a previous class.

I thought hmmm...

Then, I smiled as I began my session for the day.


KadidiaTerri said...

That's wonderful. What other actions did students try for this assignment?

FA said...

This is one of my favorite assignments to give to students. Some students tried different ethnic restaurants, volunteered at different places, and attended artists or music shows.

This is awesome!