Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Umm...I think you should (fill in blank with a negative or condescending comment)...

Don't you just hate those people? You know the ones who everytime open their mouths to offer a negative or condescending comment to you are or about someone else. I am not sure exactly why they (the critics, no not movie or food critics, but anti-social ones) are always "offering" their "advice," especially when advice is not being seeked or asked. Yet, the critics don't expect you to become upset or annoyed. Critics think they are doing you a favor by "offering" their "advice or expertise." Thank you for point out that I have a zit on my nose. You think I haven't noticed it?? Are those types of comments really necesary. You think that a person wants to be reminded of a zit?

The funny thing is when you do that to a critic, you know give them a taste of their own medicine; they get angry. How dare you "criticize"! You must be jealous of them or their successes. No need to be an angry person, settle.

People do not want to be criticized or be spoken to in a condescending manner. We all have faults of our owns, yes even the anti-social critics. Until we are able to perfect the human by eliminating faults or weaknesses, then we maybe, I mean a BIG MAYBE, we can then "offer our advice." Yes, there is a catch in perfecting humans. All humans have to agree on a definition of a perfect standard, you know a universal meaning where ALL cultures agree to those definitions. Until we are able to do so, then we should accept each other the way we are and not point any faults or weaknesses.

So quit being an anti-social critic.

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