Saturday, June 9, 2007

Need discipline? Enroll in martial arts!

Today was the first official day, my son participated in a martial arts class. What I mean by official is class started last week, however, we missed it because our paper had the wrong time printed. We ended up watching the older group of kids practice martial arts.

Martial arts does teach discipline for children and adults. My son is enrolled in a three-six year old class. Imagine dealing with their attention span? I have to give the "master" (martial arts teacher) his props because he has lots of patience. Some of the three year olds did not pay attention at all to their master, but by the end of the session, most of the children paid attention.

It was cute and funny to see my son copy like his master. Every time, he looked my way, I would smile and give him a thumbs up. My son felt proud. When we came home, my son showed what he learned in front of family. He kicked and yelled "Ice!"

Before we left, my son's master told everyone that parents must record one good deed in a notebook a day done by our children. This is to strengthen character. I thought that was a great idea because this will be a learning process for my son on gaining self discipline and control.

Although, this is the second class, my son and I are already pleased with the process. I strongly encourage parents to enroll their daughters and sons in sports--it doesn't have to be martial arts. There are many advantages that outweigh disadvantages.

Not only will they gain physical strength, they will gain the mental strength needed for them to handle the world when they become adults.

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