Thursday, March 29, 2007

Life as Part of the Education

Time never stops. It keeps going regardless if we are ready or not. Every minute of your life is a learning experience, part of your education that supplements your school education. What you do that second tends to affect you later on. You tend to connect experiences with each other when you embark on a new experience. This is how you learn. You use your past experiences to help you with your new experiences.

Learn to reflect about your life, and do it about every six months. Take the time to look at what you did for the past six months. Ask yourself these questions:

*Are you happy with the overall picture? Why or why not?
*What have you learned from the past six months?
*What was your most memorable experience?
*What was your least memorable experience?
*What was your most challenging experience?
*Now what would you like to do in the next six months? How can you reach that

You can add more questions, if you like. Anything to create thinking and reflecting. Be honest when you answer these questions because you can always plan some things in advance to avoid certain situations. Remember, life is part of your education. Use it to your advantage.

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