Saturday, March 10, 2007

How should we look at Islam?

Islam has been a fascinating issue that many people really did not know much about until the tragic of 9/11. What people found out about Islam, surprised many. They realized that Islam was a religion of peace. However, many people still do not know much about Islam. To truly understand this subject or any "unknown" subject, you have to study this with a critical eye, yet an open mind.

Ignorance is ugly. Ignorance can cause hate. Hate can hurt those who are victims of ignorance.

I found this article about two Harvard professors trying to teach educators what they should know about Islam.

Rethinking Islam from Pakistan to Texas
Scholars emphasize viewing Islam in historical, political context
By Ryan Z. Cortazar
FAS Communications

Two Harvard professors are spearheading a new initiative aimed at defeating "a clash of ignorances," a clash, they affirm, that perpetuates misunderstanding, prejudice, and fear between Muslim and Western societies. Fueled by widespread global illiteracy about the nature of Islam and Muslim civilizations, this clash has dangerous implications for nations that are increasingly becoming multireligious and multicultural in character.

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