Monday, March 5, 2007

How far should we go to get the naked truth?

I saw this article piece on The government now wants to check airplane passengers naked before getting on board. Yup, naked. Doesn't that seem like some kind of movie. Too weird to be true. It seems like the mass is getting punished for the few. How far you willing to go in fighting "terrorism" (whatever that is)? Is this infringing on our rights?

Do you really want your under age kids to experience someone looking at them nude? Even if they "brush" up the pictures. We tell kids that their body is their body, and no one has a right to see it or touch it. Right?

Below is an excerpt from the article that you should read, and pass along. I would be interested in your comments.

Digital Penetration Invasion of the naked body scanners.

By William Saletan

Posted Saturday, March 3, 2007, at 7:32 AM ET
Psssst. Want to see Susan Hallowell naked? Look at the Feb. 24 New York Times. She's on Page A10.
Hallowell runs the Transportation Security Administration's research lab. Four years ago, she volunteered to be scanned by a backscatter X-ray machine, which sees through clothing. She was wearing a skirt and blazer. But in the picture, she's as good as nude.
Now it's your turn.

Click on the link for more of the story.


Chet said...

Bush and his cronies have gone to far. There is no way that I would let my fiance get scaned. Nor would I allow that to be done to me.

FA said...

Isn't it kind of disturbing? I wonder what could be next...?

This is awesome!